Do you want to open a café or coffee shop?

But don’t know where to start?

This online course will answer all of your questions as well as all of the questions you haven’t thought about yet.




8 in depth easy to follow lessons

Because I genuinely want to help you get this right, I am available to answer any of your questions via email, telephone or Zoom as you work through the course.



Each in depth lesson is delivered as a video tutorial with downloadable notes. The course is split into eight chapters, which consist of lessons covering every area of starting and running a business.

Throughout the course there are opportunities to take notes, and refer back to previous tutorials as frequently as needed.

With the purchase fee you also gain lifetime access to the course, benefitting from all updates as they are posted.

This is an invaluable resource for not only initially setting up your cafe, but also for referring back to as you open to customers and start trading as a professional business.

"If only this had been available when we started out!"

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Hello, I am Karen and with my husband Ben, we have three busy cafes in London. I have created this online course because I genuinely want to help you open and run a successful business.

I am not opening a cafe in the UK is this course right for me?

Absolutely! There are some universal truths in opening and running any business and much of the content will be relevant wherever you are based. There will of course be some differences in laws between individual countries but there is also a lot of common ground. This course will help you know what questions you need to ask and what to look out for.

Several participants from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and The Americas have completed the course and gone on to open and run successful cafes in their own countries.

Instant access for just £195

Your Concept and Brand

Lesson 1

What is a concept and why do I need one?

I will show you how we created our concept and how to create yours, and why it is so important.

We will be covering:

  • your mission statement
  • your unique selling point
  • your target markets (this chapter is invaluable and an eyeopener)

What is a brand and why is it important?

I will explain in my step by step guide how you create your brand using the techniques that a marketing company would apply.

We will be covering:

  • Your brand personality
  • Your tone of voice

Lesson 1 will provide you with a clear idea of what your concept and brand will be.

Finding a Good Site

Lesson 2

Location, Location, Location, Success depends on location. It is critical to get it right.

We will be going over:

  • How to find a site
  • Planning permission requirements
  • What makes a good location
  • What location pitfalls to look out for
  • Purchasing an ongoing cafe versus an empty site
  • What is a premium and how to value one

What is a lease

  • The Landlord and Tenant Act
  • Terms to look out for in a lease and what they mean
  • Length of lease

By the end of this lesson, you will know what makes a good location, how to find one, and all the key information for talking to agents about a lease.

Setting up Your Café

Lesson 3

A well designed café will reinforce your customer’s trust in you.

In this lesson, we will be covering everything you need to know to set up your café.

  • Choosing a name
  • A logo
  • Interior design
  • The layout
  • Your counter
  • Furniture
  • Putting in a commercial kitchen
  • The equipment you need
  • A list of trade shows
  • The building works

This lesson provides a comprehensive ‘how to’ set up your cafe.

All this in depth information for just £195 enrol today

Health and Safety

Lesson 4

Health and safety – everyone’s favorite subject!

There is a duty of care towards both your staff and customers, so getting everything in place at the beginning is critically important.

This lesson will highlight all the areas you need to be aware of and where to access the information.

We will be covering:

  • Health and Safety in the workplace and your legal obligations
  • Trade associations and why they are so useful
  • Food Hygiene and your Environmental Health Officer
  • The training you will need to undertake
  • GDPR
  • A comprehensive list of websites for all relevant information

At the end of this lesson you will have all the information necessary to operate safely and legally.

Employing People

Lesson 5

Good staff are critical to the success of your business.

In this lesson, I will talk about the effective strategies we have learnt along the way, including how to look after, retain and get the best out of your staff.

We will also cover:

  • Recruitment
  • Where to go to get all the legal information needed
  • How to employ someone and what it entails

Although employing people is a challenging part of running a business, Lesson 5 will help clarify what your responsibilities may be.

The Financials

Lesson 6

Learn how your business will stack up financially.

In this lesson we will cover all the information you will need to make your business financially viable.

We will be covering:

  • What % of the turnover your food and staff costs will be
  • How to price a menu for profit
  • How much you will earn
  • VAT
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business structures
  • How much opening a cafe will realistically cost

And spreadsheets. I will talk you through one of our spreadsheets so that you have all the costs to hand that go into running a cafe. You will then be able to create your own realistic spreadsheets and projections.

This will be invaluable.

Your Business Plan

Lesson 7

Your business plan is what will turn your idea of opening a cafe into the reality of running a business.

Everybody needs a business plan. We will drill down into how you will build an accurate business plan. 

Once you have completed all the previous lessons you will have all the information needed to complete a thorough business plan.

In this lesson, I will go through a fully filled out business plan and show you how to apply it to a cafe so that you have a clear idea of how to proceed.

This step by step lesson demystifies the whole process.

Running your Café

Lesson 8

Opening and the day to day running of your cafe.

In this lesson, I will pass on lots of helpful tips to get you running smoothly and quickly.

We will cover:

  • Preparing for opening day
  • Creating a menu
  • Examples of how to keep things organized
  • Training menus
  • Music
  • Suppliers
  • Marketing
  • Opening a second site
  • Choosing a business partner

This lesson will help you become established quicker.

Do I Need to do This Course?

I would say YES YES YES! There will be answers to questions that you haven’t yet thought of, as well as to all the ones you have! You will be provided with a lot of supporting material, and a clear idea of the forward progress you need to take and in what particular order.

We examine your potential income, your costs, your legal obligations, and some money saving tips, all of which will help you gain both the knowledge and confidence to open and run your cafe. Alternatively providing you with a real world look at what is involved can enable you to reflect and really examine whether opening a cafe is the right lifestyle choice for you.


Karen’s course saved me a fortune. I now have a much clearer understanding of what I need to do and how much finance to have in place to open a café. Karen covered every aspect of setting up a café and the information is invaluable, including pointers on how to increase turnover and customer loyalty.
S Corsini Surrey
The great thing about this course is that firstly, Karen has been in the business for a number of years and has owned more than one cafe. Secondly, the benefit of Karen’s experience means you can hit the ground running and avoid making simple mistakes. I was highly impressed by the content and speed of this course and felt I had learned a life-time of experience.
K Buston Berkshire
Perhaps most valuable is the readiness that Karen demonstrates in sharing both the successes, in addition to some of the challenges, of the past. This balanced perspective helps enthuse you to open a cafe, but also reminds you of some of the likely obstacles in what is a highly competitive, dynamic and fast-changing sector.
E Ter Haar Amsterdam
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